Carissa Chalker
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Carissa Chalker

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

Carissa Chalker brings a unique perspective to todays real estate world. Growing up in a family owned business Carissa observed the importance of relationships and family at a young age. The company transformed into a multi-million dollar entity, that gave Carissa a unique perspective on the day to day inner workings of a successful family business. She worked closely from the age of 13 learning the business inside and out, managing computer systems, reports, and finances. Seeing the success of her Family's small business led for a desire to have something similar of her own one day. Real Estate seemed to be that perfect medium. Over the past 13 yrs Carissa focused on being a mother of 3 while still running several at home businesses of her own. She has always been the backbone to her husbands success in the tree business and now real estate ventures. Her desire to combine the love of family and her passion for business has drawn her into being a truly unique experience. If you are looking for an experienced business professional that will go above and beyond for your Real Estate needs and desires, look no further Carissa Chalker is the best!