Missy Case
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Missy Case

I've been in General Real Estate and New-Home Sales since 2006, and I understand the nuances and challenges of both. Got land? Don't know where to start? I have worked for both production and custom builders, and I've gained so much valuable information which will be INvaluable information for you to help find reputable builders and avoid pitfalls that cost precious time and money. It's very rewarding for me when I'm able to help a First-Time-Home Buyer who needs someone to hold their hand and navigate this uncertain territory with them, and conversely, to work with those Clients who have bought and sold homes before but need a knowledgeable, confident Realtor to ensure a smooth, easy process. Always a people person and a people-pleaser, I'm also known for my integrity and for being extremely honest and forthright. I am a solid negotiator, and I strive for a win-win situation for everyone involved.

In my downtime, I love listening to and playing music. I am a classically trained voca