Shaye Mani
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Shaye Mani

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

I am an experienced and motivated professional with a diverse background in healthcare and a strong interest in real estate. Having lived in San Antonio for over 20 years, I have a deep understanding of the local community and can easily bridge cultural divides with my fluency in English and Farsi. With a doctorate degree in physical therapy, I have a solid foundation in healthcare. However, I have also ventured into real estate as a dedicated agent, pursuing both residential and commercial properties. My commitment to helping others extends beyond healthcare, and I find fulfillment in making a positive impact on people's lives. In my personal life, I value spending time with loved ones, immersing myself in nature through hiking, indulging in poetry, and exploring new places through travel. I embrace a well-balanced and mindful approach to life, constantly seeking personal growth and new opportunities.